People on the Move at PathGuide

We’ve had some staffing changes among our management team that we thought you’d like to hear more about. So without further ado, allow us to introduce three staff members who have recently taken on a more prominent role within PathGuide. They are John Tully, who is our new software development manager; Marc Matthews, recently promoted to customer service and QA manager; and Jay Heim, who is now our implementation & training manager.

To give you an idea of their responsibilities, here is an overview of what each person will be in charge of:

John Tully – Software Development Manager

John is a new hire at PathGuide, but already has a solid background in the software development language deployed in Latitude WMS. Before joining PathGuide, he served in the Marine Corps, and later established expertise in managing software development teams much larger than PathGuide’s existing engineering team. John will work closely with PathGuide’s R&D team in order to support customer growth and Latitude version migration. In addition, John will act as liaison with the customer service and implementation departments to ensure rapid response to issues and opportunities requiring engineering expertise.

Fun fact:  John likes fishing, archery, reading and fixing things that are broken, such as lawn mowers, kids’ toys and bikes.

Marc Matthews – Customer Service and QA Manager

Marc has been with PathGuide since 2007. He started in customer support and quickly gained a reputation as the go-to guy for tough questions from customers. Later, Marc moved into engineering with a big role in the testing and certification process for major carriers, including UPS and FedEx. While there, he developed an automated test harness for Latitude to better ensure product quality as enhancements and version releases are rolled out to customers. Marc was also instrumental in establishing a ‘case ownership’ approach that led to support engineers seeing a case through from initiation to close, while also giving customers a single point of contact to manage questions and issues for better continuity. Customers using this single point of contact include E.B. Horsman, Appliance Parts Depot, Ellsworth, and Mechanix Wear.

Fun fact:  Weekends generally mean fishing, camping, computer gaming, or target shooting for Marc.

Jay Heim – Implementation & Training Manager

Jay joined PathGuide in March 2015, and steps into the role previously held by George Lindholm. Jay has a proven track record of successful Latitude WMS implementations with customers such as Plumbers Supply, Tompkins Canada and Kelly’s Supply. Jay is dedicated to continuous improvement in all areas of training and implementation to ensure that PathGuide is meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Jay brings excellent project management skills to coordinate the moving parts of an install, from kick-off to hand-off to Customer Support.

Fun fact:  Outside work, Jay likes camping, flying drones and paintball. You can find him paintballing almost every nice weekend between March and September.

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