Ka-CHING! Red-L Gets a Referral Bonus from PathGuide Technologies

February 26, 2018 Rebecca Hagge

You just can’t beat a solid referral from an engaged and satisfied customer

In 2016, a National Harris Poll surveyed 2,000 Americans to measure sentiment on the power of referrals and recommendations from friends, family members and business colleagues. While it is no surprise that the poll found that the opinion of others heavily influences our decisions, it was astounding to see that 82 percent of respondents said they actively sought advice before making a purchase. We also learned that some type of incentive structure plays a significant role in obtaining referrals.

We, at PathGuide, enjoy lengthy and happy relationships with our customers and, as a result, have been fortunate to receive unsolicited business referrals to other companies also needing a WMS. In 2017, we decided to take that to the next level by offering existing PathGuide customers a referral bonus as a way to thank them for introducing us to a new prospect that resulted in a sale of Latitude WMS. We soft-launched the program via our Facebook page and used our regular communication channels to inform current customers of the referral offer.

Red-L Distributors, a Canadian customer of PathGuide’s since 2007, introduced us to Industrial Rubber Ltd. (IRP). IRP is a family-owned business with branches in Vancouver, Edmonton and Mississauga, and is a wholesale distributor of industrial hose, couplings, clamps, rubber, and matting. At the time of our first site visit, IRP was handling up to 200 orders pulled from 600-700 lines per day – all without a standard barcode and inventory system.

We knew that PathGuide’s Latitude WMS could make a tremendous impact on IRP’s operations. Among them, warehouse efficiency gains and inventory accuracy – all to deliver the best customer service possible. Happily, IRP agreed. The company is now one of the newest customers to the PathGuide family, making Red-L the first recipient of a $2,500 referral bonus.

PathGuide’s Customer Referral Program offers rewards based on four tiers, depending on the value of the investment. To learn how your company could earn up to $7,500 – or to get a copy of our Customer Referral Program, please contact Rebecca Hagge at rhagge@pathguide.com.

Congratulations and many thanks to Red-L Distributors!

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