Is it Time for a WMS?

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Is It Time For a WMS? Top Three Questions to Ask Say your company, warehouse or distribution center has enjoyed several years of positive revenue growth, your staffing has increased accordingly, and you think your customers are happy. However, you find yourself drowning in paperwork, your legacy business processes can't keep up with rising customer expectations, you suspect that your warehouse workers are inefficient and you spend countless hours trying to track down missing inventory. If this describes your current situation, it may be time to consider deploying a warehouse management system (WMS). You've probably thought about investing in a WMS before now, but it might have seemed like it would require an overly complicated analysis due to the many questions that needed to be asked and answered before talking to vendors. Take a deep breath and keep reading, as here are the top three questions that should be considered to best determine whether it's time to invest in the WMS. 1) Is your warehouse costing you (and your company) money? Although there are many more questions that could be asked, this is arguably the most important one. If your warehouse is having a negative impact on your bottom line, your problems may run deeper than inefficiencies alone.

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