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● ● ● Make sure employees are using strong, unique passwords for each of the accounts or devices (RF scanners, etc.) they use to access company systems. Check to make sure they're periodically updating those strong passwords to prevent hackers or other unauthorized users from gaining access to company accounts in the event one of your warehouse services is compromised, resulting in a credential leak. Backup, backup, backup (then backup your backups) Finally, an important message worth repeating in the dialogue around warehouse data security is the importance of regularly backing up servers and data points. So, I'll say it again: backup, backup, backup – then, back up your backups. In the event a cyber incident or breach does impact your warehouse operations, you're going to need them. The final word Distributors and warehousing businesses have a lot to lose if cybersecurity is neglected. By following these best security practices, you can bolster your defenses and maintain a strong cybersecurity posture in your warehouse. Doing so will not only protect operational systems and technology, but provide peace of mind to you, company stakeholders and customers alike. About the Author Eric Allais, President and CEO of Washington-based PathGuide Technologies, Inc., has over 30 years of experience in marketing, product management and sector analysis in the automated data collection industry, including warehouse management practices in wholesale distribution. Contact Eric at eric@pathguide.com.

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