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● ● ● However, one scenario I've encountered numerous times that's rife with security implications: some distributors have users "BYOD" (bring your own device) to the warehouse. Unfortunately, allowing this type of access to an organization's Wi-Fi, networks and sensitive data increases the likelihood of breaches and external attacks and creates opportunity for potential insider threat. For example, how do you limit "snooping" where people shouldn't be? If your business must operate in this manner, make sure your WMS includes permissions to keep workers in only those areas of the application (or warehouse) they've been authorized. And, if employees must use their personal mobile phones, tablets, or laptops to complete work tasks, make sure that those devices are properly secured or monitored to prevent the likelihood of a data breach. Across the board, strong authentication is a cornerstone of good security policy. The human component of cybersecurity The human component of cybersecurity in your warehouse is as important to address as the technological and digital elements. In fact, according to the Verizon data breach report, employee errors – such as setting up large databases without proper access controls – are a recurring problem in the warehousing industry, with typical misconfiguration error scenarios being the most common. Combined with web application attacks, Verizon's data shows human errors and social engineering in the form of phishing, and pretexting attacks – in which a malicious actor invents a convincing scenario (the pretext) to engage the targeted individual or business and fool them into disclosing sensitive information – are responsible for most breaches in this industry. Sure, people make mistakes. It's a byproduct of being human. Implementing employee cyber awareness training is just as critical to warehouse security as securing warehouse technology itself. Employees should be educated on the risks of opening suspicious email links or downloading any malicious programs onto the company system.

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