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● ● ● Data privacy and mitigating third-party risk Any time you partner with a third party, you run the risk of data breaches due to improper controls within that organization's operating environment. No matter the company you work with (or plan to work with), it's always important to thoroughly research their security reputation and background because you're essentially making your warehousing operations fully dependent on their technology. It's a worthwhile precaution to carefully review all contracts and licensing agreements to make sure that you aren't inadvertently sharing personal data. Furthermore, you should do your homework to make sure the company or service you work with is resilient to direct and indirect cyberattacks. What will happen to the technology hardware and software you've integrated into your operations if that third party becomes compromised by a security breach? At the very least, service could be temporarily disrupted, but you could potentially open your own systems to attack as a result (take, for example, the recent SolarWinds hack). Protect devices and applications with proper access controls Verizon's 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report shows financially motivated criminals utilizing attacks against web applications have their sights set on the warehousing industry. The report finds that as many as 98% of breaches in the industry are financially motivated, with roughly two-thirds of breaches accessing personal data and another one-third gaining access to credentials. The bulk of WMS users – employees out on the warehouse floor – interact on RF terminals or other handheld computers that are purposed solely for their WMS. Fortunately, this means fewer people on a personal computer or other connected device with access or opportunity to browse sensitive network files or folders, open potentially virus infected emails on the network, and so on.

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