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● ● ● Best Practices for Despite the many advantages of adopting new warehouse technologies, there are inherent cybersecurity risks that distributors need to be aware of and protect against. Technology is revolutionizing warehouse management and operations. When you stop to consider things like networks, applications, endpoints to data, intellectual property, and a company's reputation, it's evident that warehouses are vulnerable to the same variety of cyber threats and malicious activity as businesses in other industries. There are always potential cybersecurity elements to consider when it comes to adopting, installing, operating, and maintaining new technologies. By heeding security best practices – such as keeping warehouse technology up to date, mitigating third-party risks, instituting proper access controls, protecting devices and data points, backing up warehouse management system (WMS) servers and other inventory systems, and employee training and awareness – distributors can improve their cyber defenses and maintain a strong overall security posture. Let's look at each one in more detail. Keep warehouse technology up to date Ensuring technology is always up to date is a critical part of protecting the digital environment and preventing unauthorized access to your networks. If a software vulnerability is left unpatched, a viral attack can easily compromise your whole system, leading to an avalanche of unforeseen shipment delays and logistical issues (which nobody wants to deal with). To mitigate these risks, you must consistently monitor and install the latest software versions, firmware updates and security patches to warehouse technologies as soon as they become available. Keeping Your Warehouse Cyber Secure

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