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P a t h G u i d e T e c h n o l o g i e s ▪ w w w . p a t h g u i d e . c o m ▪ 8 8 8 . 6 2 7 . 9 7 9 7 ▪ c l i e n t s e r v i c e s @ p a t h g u i d e . c o m R e c e i v i n g Latitude Receiving ensures accurate inbound shipments. F e a t u r e s ▪ Receives multiple purchase orders at once ▪ Learns new barcodes as items are received ▪ Utilizes supplier barcodes on received material, with no relabeling necessary ▪ Prompts barcode labeling of non-barcoded material ▪ Validates expected receipts automatically through scanning ▪ Full lot control, including manufacturer's lot numbers, date codes, country of origin and more ▪ Robust serial number tracking and control ▪ Notifies user if received items are absent from PO ▪ Flags back-ordered items to cross-dock based on order date or manual allocation ▪ E-mails alerts when discrepant items are received ▪ Converts units of measure to reflect warehouse convention ▪ Handles fractional quantities ▪ Records in-bound freight charges and bill of lading number ▪ Unreceives line items and quantities to correct errors P u t a w a y Latitude Putaway ensures that inventory is stocked in the most appropriate locations. F e a t u r e s ▪ Stores items in multiple bin locations: primary, secondary, showroom, or overstock ▪ Expedites picking and shipping via velocity class assignments ▪ Guides users through the most efficient warehouse route via directed putaway ▪ Prompts ensure items are assigned to the correct bin location ▪ Offers maximum flexibility with multiple putaway options, including manual putaway

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