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PathGuide Technologies ● 22745 29 th Drive SE, Suite #150, Bothell, WA 98021 ● www.pathguide.com ● clientservices@pathguide.com Assemble Your WMS Project Team Identify and recruit key WMS stakeholders Select a strong project leader Estimate your WMS selection timeline Identify Your WMS Requirements Detail what your company's future business goals are Ask warehouse workers about their current challenges Define current warehouse inefficiencies Make a list of all system users Determine whether you want on-premise or Cloud Consider mobile access and compatibility for mobile devices Identify integration requirements to existing systems Consider the type of WMS training you will need Outline and then rank your list of WMS requirements Determine the level of customer support you expect Create Your Budget Estimate the price of a new system Forecast the cost of hardware upgrades or additions Discuss any additional modules you may need Consider implementation costs Make a budget with a 10% contingency for project expansion Identify the ROI model you'll use Research Your WMS Vendor Start with software review sites or industry user groups Ask for WMS recommendations from your network Find WMS solutions that are used by companies like yours Make a shortlist Evaluate the Responses Disregard untimely responses and incomplete information Confirm WMS vendor has a feasible solution to meet your needs Schedule a discovery call to further discuss project requirements Qualify the Vendor During initial conversation, establish project scope Ask for case studies or references Schedule an onsite discovery (only some vendors offer this) Review discovery findings to ensure needs were identified Invite vendor for an onsite product demo (proof of concept) Participate in Demo Make sure all the right people are present for the live demo Encourage your WMS project team to take notes and ask questions Discuss specific needs, clarify functionality and benefits Make Final Selection Look for licensing, hardware, maintenance, and money-back guarantee Discuss vendor's implementation schedule and calendar Select WMS vendor and issue approval Expect a project kick-off call and schedule your product training

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