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On top of working to improve the health, safety and working conditions of warehouse workers, ensuring fair compensation and training goes a long way toward maintaining stability and employee retention. However, these efforts alone go only part of the way to achieving a high-performing warehouse. There's no secret formula or magic bullet on how to improve warehouse processes, but there are some very concrete steps that any company can take to improve efficiency, reduce errors and keep employees more engaged. Here are a few of the concepts I've discovered along the way. Great housekeeping is a good place to start. It says a lot about how management views the warehouse and the employees who work in it. A messy, dusty warehouse with poor lighting and piles of packing, strapping, and boxing materials lying around can mean that management and/or those running the warehouse simply don't care. Teams are good, but individual rewards are much more persuasive. If you operate several shifts at your warehouse or distribution center, deliver incentives for their work with rewards for least errors, most on-time shipments, or tied to any other metric. The goal is to find your best performers and ensure they are recognized. The next step is to replicate their efforts by setting goals or standards that others can achieve. When establishing standards, try asking the warehouse workers for direction. You may be surprised at just how deep their interest in fairness and accountability goes. Having experience on the floor gives them invaluable first-hand knowledge of processes and problems that may have an easily implementable solution. Many companies set up a feedback loop that results in continual improvement, even if it's just incremental. ls or standards that others can achieve. Establish fair metric standards. These standards or benchmarks must be fair for the employee – and fair for the company. Loyalty is something that needs to be earned. If your employees are held accountable to a reasonable set of performance expectations, they will be far more likely to embrace a challenge. These metrics go hand-in-hand with recognizing exceptional work where it is warranted and finding areas where more progress is needed. Set your employees up for success by providing them with thorough training. A business that empowers everyone, from the hourly workers up to the supervisors, is one where teamwork and trust will flourish. Remember, these people are a valuable investment, so give them the very best training and tools to do their job well and watch them rise to the occasion. PathGuide Technologies ● 22745 29 th Drive SE, Suite #150, Bothell, WA 98021

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