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PathGuide Technologies ● 22745 29 th Drive SE, Suite #150, Bothell, WA 98021 ● www.pathguide.com ● clientservices@pathguide.com FAIR STANDARDS Speaking of standards, it is important to factor in the fairness of the benchmarks you have identified as they apply to both your employees and the organization as a whole – and make sure it is evenly distributed in acceptable levels on both sides of the equation. Warehouse tasks are often predictable, meaning they are easy to measure. To establish key performance indicators (KPIs), look at past activities and data (if available) to create goals such as lines or pallets per hour. Talk to employees to gain an understanding of the effort required to achieve a goal and get their buy-in as you move toward a more methodical system of tracking individual performance. TRAINING Your employees are a valuable investment. Set them up for success by providing them with the most thorough training possible. Training time will pay off in the long run, as a business that empowers everyone is one where teamwork and trust will flourish. INVESTMENT In addition to investing time in creating a more organized and efficient warehouse, there are tools that can quickly turn it from an operational expenditure into a profit center. Deploying a good warehouse management system (WMS) is an obvious way to upgrade, particularly if your operation is still paper based. The right type of pallet racks and other appropriate storage approaches as well as material handling equipment are another obvious choice, simply because when used properly, they save a lot of space and enable a more efficient traffic flow. Finally, reduce the physical burden on your employees as much as possible by taking inventory of the material handling tools they use in the warehouse and then evaluate which of those need to be replaced with technologies that can handle the (literal) heavy lifting. Reduce the occurrence of task-related injury in your warehouse through the implementation of cost-effective solutions, such as automated or semi-automated equipment. By doing so, your company also stands to benefit from higher retention rate in its warehouse workforce, and significant, positive impact on your business' bottom line.

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